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Successful thermal-humidity testing of microswitch Petercem G6648-B-800

In the join work between CVŘ and CEA we decided to test the microswitch Petercem G6648-B-800 used as for example overload sensor in prototype cranes inside hot cells. The test was performed to demonstrate whether the microswitch could be functional

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The Trophée Sécurité – Chantier RJH Cadarache

In the second quater of 2019, the Research Center Řež with his subcontractor CHEMCOMEX Praha won the Occupational Safety Award at JHR in Cadarache. The Trophée Sécurité – Chantier RJH Cadarache (JHR Site Safety Award) is awarded to a company

Installation of monorail hoists

During 2019, a monorail hoist with a load capacity of 17.5 t was installed in front of the small cells. This crane will play a role primarily in the assembly of the remaining hot cells parts. One of his main

JHR 2018 public brochure

As we decided on during our previous Governing Board meetings, we are pleased to send to you the JHR 2018 living brochure for public communication. JHR Brochure 2018

Liner is tight – CVR celebrates an another success

The tightness test first hot cell (ECA) was held on site in Cadarache at the beginning of September. We, CVR, didn´t have an exact indications about possible test results, but its results could have the the impact into schedule and

Regular technical meeting in Cadarache

In days 5. – 7. 2. 2018 a regular technical meeting in Cadarache was held by a presence of CVŘ & representatives of builder (Technic Atome, former AREVA-TA) and investor CEA. During the control day CVŘ deputies found, that the

Interview for Radio Wave with Mr. Petr Březina

Interview for Radio Wave with Ing. Petr Březina on the topic: How does uranium behave when it burns up? And why is France building a nuclear reactor?  

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