Liner is tight – CVR celebrates an another success

The tightness test first hot cell (ECA) was held on site in Cadarache at the beginning of September. We, CVR, didn´t have an exact indications about possible test results, but its results could have the the impact into schedule and

Regular technical meeting in Cadarache

In days 5. – 7. 2. 2018 a regular technical meeting in Cadarache was held by a presence of CVŘ & representatives of builder (Technic Atome, former AREVA-TA) and investor CEA. During the control day CVŘ deputies found, that the

Interview for Radio Wave with Mr. Petr Březina

Interview for Radio Wave with Ing. Petr Březina on the topic: How does uranium behave when it burns up? And why is France building a nuclear reactor?  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

JULY – AUGUST 2017 – Hot cells contruction advancement – Start of works on small cells liner

After successful completion of the third, fourth and fifth level of the big cells, the Chemcomex company continued under the lead of Research centre Řež in the small chambers where the first plates were installed in early August. Welding works

JUNE 2017 – Hot cells construction advancement – Mounting of the liner

Works on hot cells liner is continuing according to the time-schedule. Completion of major part of liner is forseen for the end of 2017. A real size model of a liner section has been completed. This model allows us to prepare and verify the feasibility

MARCH – MAY 2017 – Hot cells construction advancement

Works on the covering of inner walls of hot cells with stainless steel plates continue in accordance with time-schedule. Large assemblage within levels 3 and 4 has been completed. Moreover, minor works on rotating and sliding doors have been realized.

RCR awarded for safety at the JHR site

RCR together with sub-contractor CHEMCOMEX received a security award that is awarded each quarter of a year by CEA and AREVA. The award is received by a company that respects the safety regulations of its employees and has a proactive

Two videos about RJH

Take a look at two interesting videos about Jules Horowitz Reactor: (English) (French)

FEBRUARY 2017 – Hot cells construction advancement – Works on liner started

–  Preliminary works on modules finished –  Metal plates manufacturing and preparation is under way on site –  First stainless steel plates were fixed on the walls on level 3     Works on air-tight stainless steel liner started with