Centrum výzkumu Řež (Research Center Řež) is the company, which delivers complete sets of the hot cell design documents, including those covering all the service equipment. The documents are prepared at the levels from the basic up to the detail design. 3D models are generated by means of the CATIA software during the project construction phase. Individual pieces of equipment are manufactured according to the design documents, based themselves on the said models.

 Analysis reports (dealing with seismic/biological protection, strength-related aspects) are included as well as the designs for electrical systems and SKŘ, media distribution system, and relevant schematic diagrams. All the design-related documents are subject to the builder’s (AREVA TA’s) acceptance process.

Surroundings with hot cell must take account of the specific requirements in the fields of bio protection (dynamic and static containment, biological shielding) seismicity, and other safety functions. A hot cells design is subject to numerous specific requirements mainly because of the high levels of radiation inside the hot cells. One of the most important is the requirement that that all the equipment inside the hot cells must be remotely manipulable, i.e. operable without any operator’s direct action. This requirement has necessitated a specific design of all the equipment, such as the use of loss-proof screws, replacement components, etc. The design also deals with interfaces with other contractors, e.g. with those who deliver remote copying manipulators where the reach of the individual equipment manipulators for servicing of the hot cells to be supplied by CVŘ is handled.

To verify the design functions the factory acceptance tests (FAT’s) and site acceptance test (SAT) are carried out in production. Within these tests each piece of equipment is made subject to mechanical testing.

As-built documents along with the other ones that show as-built form of the hot cells conformance to the specifications shall be handed over to the French party after completion of the hot cells.