Delivery of Research center Řež

Delivery of Research center Řež

Scope of RCR supply

  • Detailed design including the necessary calculations – biological (shielding), seismic, static, and engineering – and other studies;
  • Manufacturing of embedded steel structure, shielded doors, docking port, stainless steel liner, internal lifting devices, crossings;
  • Mounting on site 
  • Factory and site testing


Main characteristics of the cells

  • 7 hot cells (4 big + 3 small), 2 hatches;
  • Cells inner dimensions (H x D x W):
  • Shielding walls: 120 cm of heavy concrete;
  • Containment barrier: Stainless steel liner;
  • All big cells connected to pools;
  • Load capacity of cranes: 2.5 T.