Research infrastructure outputs

Research infrastructure outputs

Research Infrastructure Usage and Outputs, Including Their Meaning for New Technologies Development

Due to its design JHR will be offering the measuring options as follows:


  • Selection and characterization of the new types of fuel
  • Fuel testing scenarios under influence of transitory processes in connection with changes in capacity
  • Fuel assessment under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions, in particular in respect of the post-Fukushima safety analysis requirements


  • Corrosion of fuel covering in respect of increased burnout and higher level of doses for covering and construction materials

Medical applications:

  • Radioisotopes for diagnostics and therapy

Radioactive wastes management:

  • Research in the field of actinide transmutation.


  • Irradiating tests


  • Research in the field of instrumentation and devices (verification of devices to be used in space and under other extreme conditions for their resistance)

Technological opportunities for the Czech JHR users​:

  • The power plant operators are concerned in higher fuel burnout levels; want to reduce the fuel damage potentials and prepare themselves for the new requirements, which can arise in connection with the increased safety levels the regulators may demand. It implies responses and increased resistance in the conditions of over-design emergencies (LOCA, RIA, gas eruption). JHR will be run with a high flow rate of thermal neutrons, which will allow the capacity of 600 W/cm to be achieved in the reactor whenever a 1% enriched fuel is used
  • The operators may require an independent fuel assessment as a way to run the nuclear systems safer and more efficiently
  • With regard to the contemporary requirements from the industry the JHR will provide the research with modern experimental capacities, taking into account support for the existing reactors (GEN II, III) and for the research into the future systems (GEN IV and fusion), as well as for the medical applications

This will give rise to a strong support for the Czech industry and research community mainly in the fields of​:

  • Safer operation of both the nuclear and the non-nuclear power plants
  • Research in the field of fusion
  • Research in the field of electronic systems used e.g. on hybrid automobiles or within the power plant control systems