The test mock-up (also called as a “test stand“) is located in the experimental hall, inside the ÚJV’s compound, municipality of Husinec – Řež.


This two-story mock-up has been put up for testing of the functionality, remote manipulations, maintenance of a choice of equipment and parts of the cell’s accessories. It is a faithful spatial model of a single big cell, a single small cell, and SAS transfer. The mock-up has ca 10 m in height. Its big cell is accessible from the 1st floor level, the 2nd floor is accessible via the three-shoulder staircase and gallery through which you’ll get into the transfer space and hence into the small cell.


As for its design, the mock-up is made up of the rolled steel sections of the IPE and UE types, connections are foreseen of both types, screwed and welded, allowing the structure in the hall to be assembled without the use of any welder units. The subsoil must have been reinforced during construction of the test stand. This is why the micro piles were laid out to rest under the stand’s bearing frame. 19 of them were used, each ca 8 m long.