Regular technical meeting in Cadarache

In days 5. – 7. 2. 2018 a regular technical meeting in Cadarache was held by a presence of CVŘ & representatives of builder (Technic Atome, former AREVA-TA) and investor CEA.

During the control day CVŘ deputies found, that the site works continue according to the approved Schedule. Currently the work on Site converts from construction phase to phase of equipping with technologies.

CVŘ is with his proactive access one of the contractor, who is closest to finish the work on Hot Cells of RJH project and will be ready to put their equipment into operation.

Also in these days CVŘ with his Subcontractor (CCE) finished their work on the Liner (stainless steel sheets on the walls and floor – around 500 m2), which is one of the biggest part of the delivery. Currently the work is focused on the mounting of bended pieces for the corners of walls (called: Fabions) and completing work on the Hinged Doors.

During the following next weeks will be also done mounting of the Biological Doors which are placed in Water Canals under the Hot Cells.