Construction site

Construction site

Stavba v roce 2016

 Construction site in 2016

The JHR project is taking place in the Cadarache Nuclear Technologies Research Center in the south of France, department Bouches-du-Rhône. Taking the space of 1,600 hectares, the area provides 4,500 people with jobs, ranking itself among the largest in Europe with its 21 nuclear installations.

Construction for the JHR project began in 2007. Rocks were blasted off and land moved at that time. In 2009, the first concrete was poured into foundations and anti-seismic bedding under the reactor hall. CVŘ involvement in construction activities dates back to August 2012 when bottom modules of the big cells were mounted. With these modules concreted all the modules were mounted one-by-one. The work took place at several stages by the point at which the final level of elevation was achieved. Installation of all the revolving and sliding doors and concreting of ceilings followed. At present (November 2016) the work on the big cells’ stainless jacketing is in progress.

The CVŘ’s role directly on the site is to coordinate deliveries of the prefabricated parts, their smooth and precise assembly, inspection of the activities, and communication with AREVA and other on-site contractors.

Stavba reaktoru v roce 2012

 Aerial view on construction site in 2012